From simple problems such as manual handling of 20kg coils of tying wire, to more serious concerns like wire trip hazards and flying end injuries, Reelfix delivers the solution simply and effectively by eliminating risk, reducing waste and facilitating a modern, proactive approach to hazard identification and management, as required in CDM regulations.



Wire Trip Hazards Tying wire around the feet of a steel fixer, and unused lengths of wire left scattered around site pose a significant trip injury risk to all site operatives. By dispensing wire as required for each tie, Reelfix totally eliminates the risk.

Flying End Injuries When using loose tying wire, steel fixers will have the working end in hand while the other end is free to fly around or become snagged. The 'flying end' is razor sharp and has been known to cause serious face and eye injuries as well as many minor cuts and scratches. 

Using Reelfix, only the working end of wire is exposed and is under control in the users hand. Wire is dispensed as used for each tie, offering a simple and highly effective risk management tool.



Reelfix gives the user a constant supply of tying wire at their fingertips. The wire goes wherever the steel fixer goes without the stop-start process when using loose wire. 

Having the reel gives the user two hands free to handle and place rebar along with unprecedented freedom of movement. All of this adds up to a significant increase in productivity and improved moral amongst the steel fixers.



Waste using loose coils of tying wire can be as much as 70%. Wire left out overnight can become rusty and unusable while unused lengths of wire (a major cause of tying wire trip accidents) discarded by steel fixers during the working day are commonplace on sites using loose wire. 

Reelfix solves this issue by dispensing the wire as required, and allows the user to rewind any excess back into the reel. Our wire is used 100% so unnecessary waste is ZERO.




Best New Safety Product
Health and Safety Awards 2007 - In association with HSE and Building Magazine


In June 2007, Reelfix picked up the award for Best New Safety Product at the Health and Safety Awards organised by the HSE and Building Magazine, in a glitzy ceremony at the Hilton Park Lane in London. The award was made in recognition of the many health and safety benefits Reelfix has to offer, as well as how a seemingly simple product and a small change in work methods can greatly reduce waste, improve productivity and generally make the job easier and more civilised for the steel fixer. 


Product of the Show Award
Building Exhibition 2006


Reelfix picked up the prestigious "Product of the show award" at the Building Exhibition held in Dublin. Despite stiff competition from some massive names in the construction equipment market, the simplicity of design, ease of use and safety benefits of using the system won a unanimous decision from the judging panel of industry experts.