Reelfix Products


Reelfix offers a comprehensive tie wire delivery system including dispensing reel, comfort pad and heavy duty belt. Tying wire is supplied on a 2kg recyclable spool in 10kg cartons (5 spools per carton). Reel and belt sets are usually supplied free of charge to major projects.



Tying Wire Refill Spools

Refill spools are pre wound with 2kg of premium quality, fully annealed tying wire. Available from stock in black annealed certified to BS 4482 or Stainless 304 to BS EN 10088-3.

  • RAP/2KGB16 - 2kg 16Gauge/1.6mm (120M) Black Annealed

  • RAP/2KGS - 2kg 18Gauge/1.2mm (220M) Stainless 304



Dispensing Reel, Belt and Pad Set

The dispensing reel is a robust unit capable of withstanding even the most challenging site conditions, while delivering an uncomplicated, easy to use solution.

Complete with our bespoke heavy duty leather belt, and a support pad for added comfort, complete the set.


*Note dispensers will only accommodate Reelfix refill spools.



Reelfix Nip/Tape Frog

Reelfix nip tape frog will accommodate Crescent, Knipex and Channelock nips. Includes a handy extension for measuring tape.




Reelfix products are available from our distribution network throughout the UK. For a direct quote please email us with your requirements, or for smaller orders please visit our online shop.